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Calinda Software has been specializing in advanced productive and multimodal collaboration solutions since 2007.

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Since 2010, Microsoft has identified Calinda as one of the world’s 50 most promising companies (BizSpark One) because of the solutions Calinda brings to solve the problems of its SharePoint customers:

  • Make the SharePoint social network productive by allowing transversal and structured conversations, directly in the enterprise social networks. This is SocialFactor, which includes a BusinessGuest option to work with external people from the Social Intranet!
  • Rationalize the exchange of documents. To do this, we automatically share email attachments in a collaboration platform such as SharePoint.

    Hundreds of thousands of users across the world use Calinda Software solutions to make SharePoint simpler & more efficient

  • Introduce new collaboration usages and platforms smoothly, without suddenly changing the way people work, by automatically integrating email exchanges as visual maps in the collaboration platform.
  • Accelerate decision making by improving the understanding and clarity of electronic exchanges.
  • Succeed at replacing email by more efficient collaboration tools with a progressive approach.
  • Work seamlessly with external people easily and at no risk.<= Hey this is BusinessGuest!

Hundreds of thousands users already use our solutions on their Intranet, Extranet, Enterprise Social Network or Project and SharePoint Team Sites!
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The Story Behind Calinda Software

We Always Knew That Knowledge Work Would Become Much, Much Productive

… And we wanted to be part of this change!

In the early 2000’s, Calinda’s founders Alex and Seb were young software engineers, passionate about software because they knew it was changing the world. When they started working for large companies, they realized that despite the powerful tools, the level of productivity of knowledge work and collaboration was very… suboptimal!

Smart people would spend more and more times reading and replying to emails

Smart people would spend more and more times reading and replying to emails. So much that an growing wealth of intelligence was put on the table… But then these people as a group were failing to effectively share and make use this knowledge to make the right decisions. They would even make bad ones, although all the information was there to make good ones! Just because this data was buried in an overwhelming, unstructured, decentralized and mixed store of information.

By analyzing in more details what precisely was lacking for the multiple email threads to be productive, we identified a set of key factors:

  • Information had to be shared in the group, not distributed to each individual.
  • Information had to be grouped by project or topic.
  • Information had to be made available to the right people all the time.
  • All branches of an email discussion had to be given the same chance to influence the decision making. In an email thread only the chain of emails to the last email basically survives. We realized that a visual map of conversations was a good way to achieve that.
  • There had to be no technological barrier preventing the right people to be involved in the right collaborations, regardless of the tools they used or the company they belonged to.
  • All of this should be made by letting people use the tools they wanted to carry out the collaboration (email, collaboration platform, mobile devices, …)

Then we realized that the three top conditions were already made possible by collaboration platform, and that the most widely adopted collaboration platform on the market was Microsoft SharePoint.

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A technology that automatically tracks email conversations into visual maps

So we decided to address the remaining issues and developed and patented a breakthrough technology that would automatically track email conversations into visual maps, regardless of the email application people were using and without requiring any new software on their computers. And we integrated this technology into Microsoft SharePoint to create the ideal mix.

BusinessGuest was born, the must-have solution for SharePoint, making external collaboration as simple as Click, Share, Collaborate!

After that, the story goes that Microsoft liked that and supported Calinda to develop and market it. Then this had great success with large corporations with all sorts of business needs, and we created solutions to meet these needs: SocialFactor for social Intranets, BusinessGuest for external collaboration, InsideOut for mobile collaboration, all of them being based on a common technology and being able to work together.

Realizing that changing the world requires working with organizations of all sizes and allowing them to work with each other as efficiently as our clients would work internally, we decided to take this technology and make it available as a cloud solution, easy to find (you are reading this after all), easy to understand (it’s here in case you don’t agree yet ;)), easy to get (Contact us), easy to deploy (gory details here) and easy to use (if not, please ask a question).