Today, you are faced with three major challenges: save time, save money and ensure the digital transition of your business. Therefore, CALINDA SOFTWARE and DOCAPOST BPO join forces to offer you the best electronic signature integrated in your business processes and tools, and with your ECM platform.

Digital Signature for SharePoint

How does the digital signature work in an ECM Platform?


I connect to the platform because I need to share a contract with an external person.


I send this contract to my contact(s), internal and external. I can add an external contact with a mere e-mail address!



My external contact receives an email with the contract, a message I typed, and a signing button.


She can sign with a code received via SMS. You can also sign on tablet or PDF.


Signatures are stored electronically in the PDF file, and all the evidence is preserved by legal online filing for a period of 10 to over 100 years. Any traceability and evidence is also available in your ECM platform.

Signature legally valid !

Legally valid signature archived for 10 years or more.

The evidence file and the signed document are available in your ECM.

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The exchange of documents and processes that enable companies and institutions to carry out the relationship with their audiences is increasingly complex.

  • With the development of new information technology, more and more, “everybody must have access to everything,” most often instantly and regardless of the nature: paper and digital documents, duplication of information between different audiences and different processes, access to physical and digital archiving, traceability …
  • The challenge is to optimize all these exchanges and enable the company to plan for the ecosystem to function in daily life in harmony: a way to support the operations of the extended enterprise.

The paperless process and in particular the digital signature with legal value are an appropriate response to these issues. Calinda and Docapost allow you to profit immediately, with a fast return on investment, and in harmony with your existing systems and processes.