How Does It Work? BusinessGuest Architecture

E-mail exchanges and a sharing area to transfer large files

BusinessGuest consists in 3 major pieces:

  1. A SharePoint Solution Package that can be enabled on any SharePoint site, and that sends the files or messages to the BusinessGuest Cloud service when internal users share them using BusinessGuest.
  2. A Sharing Area Service, deployed in the DMZ or used from the Cloud, that can receive, store and send documents or messages received from SharePoint, and track the replies and feedback back to SharePoint through the BusinessGuest SharePoint package. There is never any network connection initiated from the sharing area to SharePoint, only outbound connections from SharePoint to the sharing area.
  3. A powerful e-mail and mobile gateway technology that the sharing area uses to send files and messages to the BusinessGuest (and internal for that matter) users and track when they open, download or reply. This technology works with most e-mail applications and does not require any installation of software on the client side.

All communications are encrypted and files and data can be deleted from the sharing area at any time.

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