Is SocialFactor an Enterprise Social Network like Yammer?

Not exactly.

We believe collaboration is here to do business, and that no business is about collaboration and social networking alone. As a result, SocialFactor is not only designed to serve as an Enterprise Social Network by itself, like products such as Yammer in the cloud.

Instead, SocialFactor works both on-premise and in the cloud, and it provides the major functionality required to build a social-enabled and secure high performance business collaboration platform that will support a given business need or scenario. We provide:

  • Community management and directory features
  • Community and multi-community conversation features
  • Profile conversations features (including expert suggestions and sharing)
  • Conversation portal features

By combining and customizing these features and webparts, customers and partners can very quickly build the platform they need to support a specific business purpose, such as:

  • A SharePoint social intranet
  • An innovation management platform on SharePoint, connected with the ideation tools
  • An expert community platform, connected with the e-mails and business tools of experts
  • A project management and collaboration platform on SharePoint, connected with the project management tools
  • A collaborative product lifecycle management (PLM) connecting all the PLM, CAD, project management and ERP tools and letting people collaborate with each other from their respective professional environments (collaboration hub)
  • And as we did for Orange group’s 180,000 employees, a SharePoint Enterprise Social Network of course!

Building a business solution with SocialFactor building blocks can be a very quick task (2 hours to build a simple expert community platform for example) and an ambitious project, depending on the requirements and specifics of the project.

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