New Product Makes Every SharePoint Intranet an Extranet

New Product Makes Every SharePoint Intranet an Extranet

Calinda Software, a major player in productive collaboration software, innovates again by adding a new solution to its offerings: BusinessGuest. With BusinessGuest, SharePoint users can deploy a simplified extranet easily and quickly. From any SharePoint site, BusinessGuest allows to share documents or messages with external people and to track their replies or updates in SharePoint automatically.

There are multiple business scenarios that involve working with external participants from SharePoint. Setting up a full-featured SharePoint extranet is a costly and time consuming project. Because of this, many organizations simply drop the idea and don’t provide any extranet, leaving to the business users the responsibility of managing their communications with people outside of SharePoint.

The Business Guest solution provides a simple alternative consisting in a communication gateway between SharePoint and the external users. The business scenarios supported by BusinessGuest are those where information stored in the internal SharePoint repository needs to be shared with external partners, without opening the network, without creating user accounts for the external users and without having to teach them the use of SharePoint. Business Guest will let business users easily send a document along with a message from SharePoint to the external users, who simply use their email or a simplified cloud interface to interact about this information.

Some examples of SharePoint extranet business cases include:

  • Construction projects: sharing plans and project documents with customers and contractors and receiving feedback;
  • Education business case: sharing teaching materials with contractors and students;
  • Procurement business scenario: sharing contracts and bid data with suppliers and manage the bidding process and Q&As;
  • Sales & Marketing business case: sharing product and contract information with customers and other partners and receive updates and feedback;
  • Etc. etc.

BusinessGuest Features:

  • Send documents to external people from SharePoint
  • Automatically replace large files with secure email links to avoid large attachments
  • Full traceability, within SharePoint, of all email interactions with external partners
  • Eliminate the need to reconfigure the network and firewalls
  • Add business partners and users from SharePoint with their mere email address, removing the need for Active Directory administration operations and of dedicated licenses for the external partners.

Alex Mermod, CEO of Calinda Software: “The launch of this new offering will allow SharePoint users to benefit from a simple and practical solution to boost their collaborative work with external partners. They will be able to exchange documents with external people easily, at no risk, while improving the traceability of their processes and the usability of their SharePoint environment.”

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