Secure by Design

Before addressing the technical aspects of security in our solutions, let us state an important fact: we always put security first when designing them, before any other consideration.

We are Security Experts

Our team members have an extensive background in computer and network security. They have experience as security engineers at Sun Microsystems, as CTO at the network security leader Bee Ware, as security managers at BMC Software, and more.

Our Customers are VERY Concerned about Security

Our software and solutions are currently deployed in the internal networks of some of the world’s largest companies, and their IT staff love to challenge the security of the software they use. As a result, our solutions went through some of the market’s most advanced security testing and were proven reliable and secure.

All our Solutions can be installed On Premise

We know that many organizations need to keep a hold on the security and operation of all their IT environment. Therefore, we provide software packages that can be deployed in your network, or in your DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) when external partners must be involved.

If you go Cloud,

The most secure and reliable way to collaborate with external people without exposing SharePoint to the Internet
BusinessGuest is the most secure way to collaborate with external people from SharePoint without exposing your data to the Internet. With BusinessGuest, only the data you share from SharePoint gets shared with the outside, and their use and the feedback your receive is tracked automatically. Did they read it? Did they download the documents? Did they reply? BusinessGuest tells you in real time!
  • Everything is tracked and made visible in SharePoint, so you know what happens with your data
  • All communications between SharePoint and the Cloud service are encrypted with 256 bits SSL v3
  • Large file downloads from the BusinessGuest users are encrypted the same way
  • You can remove data from the service just by deleting the BusinessGuest conversation from SharePoint
  • You can configure BusinessGuest to automatically delete the shared documents after a while, so that they stay only inside of your organization
  • Our Cloud services are hosted on Amazon Web Services and secured by our highly experienced team of professionals
  • We provide 24×7 support and recovery services