Create content and information

Convey a corporate culture

Make the co-workers participate

Measure the impact of your communication

CALINDA SOFWARE allows you to have a better framework and optimize your actions by helping you to analyze the effects from your communications, to report them to your management.


Enterprise social networks

Employee Portal 2.0

  • Social intranet
  • Spread institutional information
  • Capture tacit knowledge
  • Internal events
  • Boost contribution
  • Spread messages from the management

The social part of SocialFactor allows you to measure and analyze the impact of your communication.


SocialFactor allows you to integrate collaboration within intranet and organize working group on topics that concern you.

In the past, the internal communication was more informative. It became over time a real asset for companies.
Today, the communication’s goal is to perform the information and use it, to help the collaborators is their daily work. The internal communication is more participative and allows the collaborators to be active and share their expertise. They can express themselves and share information easily to develop the projects and their company.
The company grows up with the internal communication, it helps to encourage the collaborator to participate in the company life. That’s why it’s important to manage the communication is a company!