Understand the needs of business

Keep a technological watch

Control the business apps

Implement new apps

CALINDA SOFTWARE has created software that allows the various departments, in your company,
to organize and optimize their daily work.

Community intranet + HUB

External collaboration

  • Pool skills
  • Capitalize on existing knowledge and data
  • Decrease repetitive requests
  • Facilitate and track exchanges with externals
  • Manage the external sharing of large files
  • Secure your external communications

Our solution integrates with SharePoint to allow developing your intranet 2.0 and you enterprise social network. Our corporate hub technology allows it to integrate with business apps and other portals.

Our solution integrates with SharePoint to let your users work with external people safely without giving them access to your internal systems

Digital signature

Mobile application

  • Accelerate exchanges and transactions
  • Store documents
  • Enforce the legal value of the contracts
  • Publish remotely
  • Access information from everywhere
  • Stay connected with your company

From your SharePoint, users can sign sales contracts and other documents that require legally valid signature.

Users can access the information stored in your SocialFactor and / or BusinessGuest application from anywhere.

Your job is central in a company because you help the managements to find adapted business apps for their specific process. The deployment and the development of these business apps involve project management. So, these apps help you to drive all your projects thanks the working communities.