Manage the collaborator’s career

Fluidify the internal process

Increase the competitiveness of your business


Today, the human resources are commited the make the collaborators satisfied and help them to progress in their job, besides the management of the wage and other administratives tasks.

CALINDA SOFTWARE helps you to structure the management of employees by optimizing the information about them.

Communities of Practice

Networks of Expertise

  • Enrich the skills directory
  • Develop a sense of belonging
  • Manage and highlight the talents
  • Make exchanges more fluid
  • Create value
  • Manage knowledge

SocialFactor allows you to perform the internal collaboration and follow step by step the evolution of your co-workers.

SocialFactor allows co-workers to be included and engaged according to their skills and participate in working groups online.

Increase the competitiveness of the company is an objectives of  the human resources job. It is a real value for the company because they participate at developing the human capital. Indeed, more than before, the collaborators ask to evolve in the company. The human resources had to reinvent themself to manage the talents but also fluidify the processes internal to reach more effectively these requests.