Capitalize experiences

Value intellectual capital

Create and innovate

Drive projects and quality

Those things rhythm your daily innovative work. Your job is to lead the team work and foster creativity, while maintaining the rigor in the management of the information regarding the R&D projects. The collective work is essential to your success because it allows to develop your company’s innovative products for your customers.

CALINDA SOFTWARE helps you managing all the collaboration and knowledge in your projects

Supportive Network


Innovation Platform

  • Locate the best experts
  • Share document and content
  • Pool the technology watch
  • Foster horizontal collaboration
  • Dynamic Knowledge Management
  • Collaborate in project groups
  • Boost innovation
  • Enable collective watch
  • Select the best ideas / solutions

With SocialFactor’s social capabilities, animate your communities and let yours experts share their expertise and experiences.

SocialFactor allows you to create workgroups to optimize your R&D business.

SocialFactor allows you to share the expertise of engineers, researchers, marketing workers, designers from all the countries to work on the same topics and innovation projects.

The innovation is the heart of your job. The teamwork is really important because it helps the innovator to express their thought and find the best idea. That’s why the mutual aid and the ideas sharing is essential in your work because, it is the way to success in your job.
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